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Goal Oriented Leadership Development!


GOLD is a field trip program designed for any student organization.

We have developed affordable programs that are designed to teach teambuilding and leadership skills to students in an exciting and hands-on environment. The goal is to develop your student chapter into a successful and effective team. All aspects of the program are flexible and can be tailored to your needs and goals.

Eligibilty: The program is designed for officer teams, entire chapters, or multiple chapters. The program is not limited to FFA or FCCLA organizations - any school organization is welcome. We recommend multiple chapters participate in the program together. We require a minimum of 10 participants.

Program Activities

The program is flexible, but may consist of:

  • Team Initiatives - Using a variety of challenges, we will introduce your students to concepts that are important for a successful team.
  • Low Ropes Course - We will utilize challenging elements on our low-ropes style course. These elements will help students develop and use the team and leadership concepts that they are learning.
  • Mud Obstacle Course (New in 2016!) - The Mud Course will test the students' ability to work together in a team environment. Students get VERY muddy and have a blast!
  • Team Recreation - Enjoying games such as softball and volleyball, the students can have fun while applying the team concepts they have learned.
  • Archives - Students learn the history of the FFA and FCCLA in the McKinley Wilson Archives. They discover where their organization has been and where they can take it!
  • Chapter Planning - This is a time for advisors to spend with students planning and scheduling chapter events.
  • Meals and Lodging – Camp John Hope FFA-FCCLA Center is capable of providing excellent meals and comfortable lodging for participants.

Sample Schedules

Day-only and Overnight schedules are only samples. Your schedule will be adapted based on arrival and departure times, number of participants, and specific goals for your chapter. See Sample Schedules >>

GOLD Program Cost

Following are our standard packages. All prices are “per person”. There are no additional fees for team recreation, archives, and chapter planning. We are also able to customize a package to better fit your budget, your goals, and your schedule.

  Student Organization Rates
Low Ropes Course

  Overnight Package
   (includes 3 meals and 1 night lodging)


   Day Program
   (includes lunch)


  Mud Obstacle Course
   (additional cost)


Advisor Planning Guide  PDF Download: Camp John Hope Map

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