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Step 1: Share this page with the parents of your students who will be attending Camp John Hope FFA-FCCLA Center. Preview the Advisor and Parent Resources to aid in the completion of the Online Medical Forms.  

Step 2: Ensure parents have all required information to fill out the online medical form document. Utilize the Parent Instructions for the Completion of Online Medical Forms as a resource. 

Step 3: Parents will be asked to type in your teacher e-mail address into the online medical form. Upon the parent completion of the online medical form, teachers will receive a PDF copy of the completed medical form from that particular student. The PDF copy of the completed medical form will be e-mailed to your teacher e-mail address. 

Step 4: Track which students have completed the Online Medical Form by monitoring your emails. You will receive a PDF copy of each completed medical form. The PDF attachment will include a completed copy of the medical form. 

Step 5: Review the forms and identify the students that will have medications that will need to be turned in, and also which students have allergies that you need to be aware of. 

Step 5: Arrive at camp with medications to turn in! You do NOT have to bring a copy of the forms to turn in!


Step 1: Complete the online form (Link to the right). Be prepared to provide medical information (medications, insurance information, etc) and note that your student must be with you to complete the Code of Conduct section.

Step 2: You will receive a confirmation email that contains a PDF copy of the completed medical form upon submission of the document. 

Step 3: Be sure to read the instructions for sending your student's medications to camp. 

Step 4: Talk to your student about the importance of following the camp policies. If they do not follow the camp policies the parent/guardian may be contacted to pick them up from camp.

Medication Policies      

All medications must be in the original package.

Daily sorters / pill keepers are NOT permitted.

Please send only enough medication for the duration of the event.

If your student has been diagnosed with asthma by a physician and has medication including tablets, nebulizers, or inhalers, the MUST bring such treatment with them to camp or they will NOT be allowed to stay at the Center!

If your student has an inhaler, they must keep it with them at ALL times.

If your student requires an epi-pen, they must keep it with them at ALL times.

Teacher and Parent Resources      
NameDate AddedSize
General Medical Form Instructions to Teachers and Parents 4/15/2022 25 KB
Camp Policies and Dress Code 11/22/2019 80 KB
Safety Procedures 11/22/2019 21 KB
What to Bring 11/22/2019 37 KB
Camp Map 11/22/2019 533 KB

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