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  Low Ropes Course
Camp John Hope FFA-FCCLA Center hosts affordable team building and leadership programs for a wide range of groups, including student organizations, church youth groups, adult leadership, and corporate groups. We can provide Low Ropes Course program and Mud Obstacle Course. All programs at the Center are flexible. Our instructors will work with you to develop a program that fits your needs based on your goals, schedule, budget, group size, and group age.

Program Options      
Low Ropes
The low ropes course is an excellent choice for groups that wish to build teamwork and unity among their participants. Common concepts include communication, trust, cooperation, encouragement, and goal setting. 

The Low Ropes program consists of two main sections:
(1) Team initiatives - lower impact activities that are designed to introduce the group to critical concepts
(2) Low-ropes style elements - more physically challenging elements that reinforce and develop the concepts that have been introduced.

Mud Obstacle Course
This course is designed to be just for fun or as a final leadership activity. Groups can do the course as a whole just for fun or you can split your group into teams apply the concepts learned into a fun and competitive environment. Participants get wet and muddy. We highly recommend this program for active youth and college groups! The obstacle course is sure to be an event that your team will remember!

We operate under the "Challenge by Choice" philosophy, so participants have the option to select their personal level of challenge in all activities.

For information about options for School/Educational Student Organizations, see our G.O.L.D. program.

Frequently Asked Questions      
Is there a minimum number of people?  All programs require a minimum of 10 people.

Is there an age limit? 
The minimum age for most programs is 10 years old. There is no set maximum age limit; anyone in good physical condition may participate.

How much time should I plan for? Low Ropes: Programs can be designed to run between 1 hour and 4 hours.  These are only estimates and will depend on the specifics of your program.

Is there a release form that I need to sign? All participants must have the signed release form in order to participate. 

Is it safe?  Yes, it is safe. Safety is of utmost importance to us.

Program Prices (Rental Groups)      
  • All prices are per-person. 
  • Prices are subject to change and are based on the specific needs for your group. 
  • The Mud Obstacle Course is available as an individual event. Contact us for pricing.
  • For groups planning to visit the Center only for a ropes course program, use the Day Program pricing. If you would like to extend the program to more than one day, contact the Center for pricing. 
  • For groups adding a program to their conference package, use the Conference Add-On pricing. 
  • For a customized package, contact the Center office.

  • Program Initiatives, Low Ropes
    Overnight (includes
    3 meals, 1 night

    $60 per person
    Day (includes lunch) $35 per person

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